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support group
of families dedicated
to diversity and
individual freedom.

The CORNERSTONE newsletter
print version is available for
$15/10 issues a year.
Online version
is available by subscribing
at this link
http://www.eGroups.com/ subscribe/Cornerstone-OKNews
If you are new to CORNERSTONE, we can send you a complimentary
print copy upon request.
We have monthly meetings
the 4th Monday of the month at
Garnett Church of Christ,
12000 E 31st St.
South East Door.
Our next meeting is Monday,
January 22nd, from noon to 2:30 or so.
Bring your lunch if you like
and the first half hour is usually spent
eating and/or visiting. We will probably
use part of this meeting to
reorganize for the New Year.
If you are new to the group,
we welcome you.
Check the Cornerstone-OKNews
e-mail list for details.

The Cornerstone-OKNews email list is
mainly for event information and educational
resources. We have a related email list
for more family sharing and conversation.
That is the Cornerstone-Tulsa list.
If you would like to
subscribe to the Cornerstone-Tulsa
e-mail list follow the instructions at http://www.eGroups.com/ subscribe/Cornerstone-Tulsa
There is a third related list for a more
broad range of topic discussion as well.
It is the Tulsa Homeschool Parents List.
Instructions for subscribing to that list
can be found at egroups also.

Cornerstone activities are organized by
members of the group. If you have a field trip idea
or educational opportunity you would like to
see happen, please set the event up and notify
the group through the Cornerstone-OKNews list.
Those interested will reply to the contact person
and all events are completely interest led.
If you are interested and able to participate,
groovy! If it is not of interest or benefit to
your family, no problem. We do not require any certain
level of participation, only that if you sign up
for an activity, please show up, or notify the
contact person if your plans change. This will prevent
any business or organization from wasting time or
resources on a no-show situation. We appreciate your
considerate cooperation!!

If you would like more information,
here are some of our volunteer contact
people who will be glad to help you.

~Cornerstone Volunteers     2001~
Phone Inquiries:
Marcia Sharp - 250-4953

Carol Tuttle-Brown - 744-8505

Meeting Coordinator:
Marilyn McCulloch

Marilyn and Matthew McCulloch

Marilyn McCulloch
Matthew McCulloch

Here are links to some of our
Cornerstone homeschooling
families' pages:

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Matthew Moyer's Boy Scout Troop
Janece Suarez and family

   CORNERSTONE provides support and information without discrimination in regard to a person's race or creed. We encourage parental choice in methods of education, acknowledging that there are as many ways to teach children as there are children to be taught.

   CORNERSTONE has no registration fees, by-laws, Board of Directors, or membership application forms. We gather to support each other in the quality education of our precious children.
We invite you to our monthly meetings.